As Verizon Takes Over What Is Next For AOL-Yahoo Canada?

Verizon AOL YahooWhat does $4.8B get you? Well if you are Verizon, the largest wireless provider in the United States with 141.4 million customers it allows you to snap up Yahoo.  Yahoo is a pioneer of the Internet, over a decade ago it was one of the most beloved companies on the web, and one that brands could not do wrong by spending their budgets with.  Changing of the CEO, or two, or three, or four (we lost count there) and the company lost quite a bit of talent as they failed to keep up with the changing business and Internet landscape.  North of the border, Yahoo Canada suffered tremendously as tons of talented people left the organization over and over and.  The industry noticed, and adjusted their budgets proving they lacked confidence that Yahoo could deliver a strong ROI on marketing budgets.  So as Verizon looks to leverage Yahoo’s search, email and messenger assets as well as advertising technology tools with AOL (which it acquired back in May 2015 for $4.4B) it will have to decide what to do with AOL Canada and Yahoo Canada.  Specially, what will Verizon do with the double sales team, there is no doubt that there will be some extra staff.  Yahoo of course is currently run by Claude Galipeau (we broke that story here); while Brad Cressman is the Managing Director for AOL Canada.  The deal is not expected to close until  Q1 2017, but one thing that is definitive, change is coming to Canada.

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Tim Armstrong, CEO of AOL has already explicitly said he is staying, but what will come of Yahoo’s Marissa Mayer?  More importantly what will happen here on the home court of Canada, will AOL and Yahoo merge into one unit? Is so will both Cressman and Galipeau both stay with the new Verizon-AOL-Yahoo?   If you caught our earlier story about JUICE Mobile, then you know exactly what to expect here.