Is Old Media Dead? [PR In Canada]

Irene BakaricGuest Post by Irene Bakaric. Irene is the MediaPrep.  You can connect with Mike on LinkedIn or Twitter.

As the media landscape evolves, there is more focus on digital, mobile and the many platforms provided by social media. Traditional media Old Media, New Mediaoutlets are feeling the pain. Readers have been abandoning print newspapers for years and television news is struggling. But, in spite of the need to downsize, re-structure and adapt to new technologies, the situation is not all bad for old media.

The pressures of change are at work.

Traditional media outlets are adapting, transforming and transitioning. More and more, what we call “the media” has developed into an inter-active hybrid. Newspapers have a digital presence that features comment boxes. Television newscasts incorporate reactions from Twitter. Radio programs use webcams and integrate Facebook as a springboard for conversation. Old media is re-inventing itself to stay relevant. But, at its core, it remains a vital mainstay of modern journalism.
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