Is The Party Over For TC Media?

We’ve been hearing rumblings for months about some big changes over at TC Media.   While it’s still an organization to be admired, it’s digital business that once had so much promise and made competitors watch in awe as the pieces ‘seemed’ to come together.

Cliff AheadThey recruited a lot of leadership, talent, and more talent. They made all the right acquisitions. So why is TC Media not Canada’s largest media property?  Unfortunately something, or someone stopped the organization from fully capitalizing on all that could be TC Media. Slowly one by one the acquisitions started to fall apart (and be sold), lack of resources to keep them the best of breed, and the talent left for other organizations.

‎We broke the story of Patrick “The Builder” Lauzon’s departure from TC Media, and this just might be the final nail in the coffin, it certainly puts an end to what we had hoped Patrick would have been allowed to accomplish at TC.   In many respects throughout his career so far Patrick has been a catalyst of growth for the organizations he has been with such as Yellow Pages Group where facilitated the acquisition of six of Canadian startups to form Mediative.

Now don’t misread things, the organization will continue to enjoy its print business, but it does seem quite evident that TC Media (division of TC Transcontinental) is changing how it works in the digital space.  Transcontinental is a big company, but when you lock the hands of your leadership from growing, they will eventually take that talent elsewhere.