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The Speed Of Culture Is Redefining Marketing

Shannon LewisGuest Post: Shannon Lewis is Founder, Liberty & Co Communications. You can connect with Angus on LinkedIn or Twitter.

Consumers’ access to the products and experiences they seek is made easier by technology and, increasingly, by the savvy of marketers and our expertise to quickly and quietly help facilitate it. Through a command of ad tech, data science and content, we’re uniquely positioned to effectively steer meaningful consumer-brand engagements.

Our agility interpreting audiences and their ever-evolving online behaviours are a distinct advantage. The know-how of our in-house teams to design content experiences decisively positions many of us as leaders in an era of constant change.

The fast-moving character of today’s culture guides our approach. Toward the end of last year, commentators began referring to ours as a ‘new golden age of spaceflight’ after Amazon successfully landed the first-ever reusable space shuttle. Among other things, Amazon’s feat placed one of the largest consumer brands in the world at the helm of a new era of innovation.

As more and more companies absorb technological innovation as a priority, virtual reality technology is also breaking into the mainstream and now-ubiquitous social media platforms are continually iterating and enhancing available modes of communication. Facebook’s and Google’s launch of VR technologies — Oculus Rift and Samsung Gear VR respectively — confirms a general optimism around how technology can create memorable, custom content experiences.

As media agencies we often collaborate, observe and instinctively absorb the significance of technological changes. We have had to quickly develop a deep and diverse skill set which reflects our adeptness around content strategy, experience design, use of data and data applications and creative storytelling techniques.

The speakers featured at this year’s CMDC Speed of Culture conference have been handpicked. They standout for the keenness of their observations about: the speed of culture, associated business opportunities and how marketers can continue to effectively navigate.

Futurist Jason Silva will stir your perspective on innovation, technology and creativity. UK’s Thinkbox CEO Lindsey Clay presents TV as a star in a digital world ecosystem. And expect to be inspired by the success stories of great modern business minds such as that of Josh Luber, the co-founder of StockX, and Canadian Brian Wong, the co-founder of Kiip. Josh Jacobs, the president of Kik Services, a popular interactive chat platform that began as Waterloo, Ont.-based startup, will discuss audience engagement. Media experts including writers, accomplished producers and data scientists will also present.

Fittingly, we encourage guests during the upcoming CMDC Speed of Culture conference to engage our speakers and connect with one another in-person as well as across the digital platforms we’re each so fond of: Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, Vine, Instagram, Pinterest and Periscope. As modern media experts, our passion begins from a place of excitement for the age of which we’re lucky to be a part. While the speed of culture brings with it many challenges, our agility positions us to lead and help others flourish within it.


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