IDEALI Looks To Give New Life To ThinData, Acquires From TC Media

Email MarketingFor over a decade ThinData was the number one Canadian-based email  marketing solution provider on the market, then in 2008 it was acquired by Transcontinental (now TC Media). TC Media integrated the technology into their TC Media’s 1:1 Marketing Solutions and Data Insights unit to create RELATION1 over the next few years.  Fast forward to this week and Montreal-based IDEALI has announced the acquisition of RELATION1 as they aim to create a more powerful end-to-end solution, from data intelligence and email marketing to omnichannel technology.

The new entity will be headquartered in Montreal and led by Normand Bélisle, who will serve as Chief Executive Officer. Scott Jamieson will continue to perform key duties within the organization as General Manager, Toronto and Vice-President, Consulting Services.