3 Things To Expect From Rory Capern, Twitter Canada’s New Boss

Rory CapernWith over 15 years of experience in the Canadian digital advertising industry Rory Capern has now entered a new club.  Rory has been hired as the Managing Director of Twitter Canada where he will oversee all operations and sales for the Canadian division of the social network.  This is Rory’s first time running a major brand, so the pressure is on for him produce strong results.

Having spent over four years at Google Canada, four at Microsoft Canada, time at Lavalife, Tor Star and Bell Media, Rory has built a career directly involved in helping build the Canadian advertising industry.

What can we expect from Rory Capern as Managing Director of Twitter Canada?

  • A few Google employees will join Rory, Twitter has a habit of recruiting from Google, it is where they first went when Twitter was first looking to expand in Canada; also Rory is a respected individual in the industry
  • “All hands on deck” – Rory has never been one to sit back and let others do the work, he has no problem rolling up his sleeves and getting face to face to build the brand and make the deals happen (this is also what Rory will expect of his reps)
  • More strategic partnership with Canadian publisher will take place – since its entrance into Canada Twitter has been soft on strategic partnership, expect things to change

PS – Don’t expect him to follow others and write a book, copy cat book ideas are certainly not Rory’s style