Hemovel Takes Brand To New Heights With Slackline Campaign

Hemovel - Action 1Talking about hemorrhoid treatment is not exactly your typical water cooler conversation, that is why this week Hemovel launched a new campaign to help break the taboo and get people talking about hemorrhoid treatment going oral.  The goal is to drive brand awareness through an innovative live stunt and exciting video content.

Hemovel turned to VIBRANT to help generate some buzz and noise for the brand with various elements part of the campaign.  VIBRANT literally brought hemorrhoid treatment to new heights and brought to life the campaign tagline: Now you can treat your hemorrhoids anywhere. This layers into a greater online strategy which includes a microsite – NoPrivacyNeeded.com – and the Facebook page “we know you won’t like”, both with a strong drive for trial promotional offer for hemorrhoid sufferers.

  • Stunt – “Now you can treat your hemorrhoids anywhere. Even 80 feet above the ground.” Ryan Robinson, professional highliner attempted to break a Canadian record by walking a 1,000 feet long slackline.
  • Online – Following the stunt, a video was released online with a strategic digital media and public relations plan to drive consumers to visit NoPrivacyNeeded.com.
  • Facebook page – “The page we know you won’t like” – this page hosts humorous content and drives its audience to NoPrivacyNeeded.com
  • NoPrivacyNeeded.com – hosts product information and a strong promotional offer to entice hemorrhoid sufferers to try HemovelÔ.

“This campaign is bold and aims to change consumer’s behavior by educating that “No privacy is needed” with HemovelÔ l, and “Now you can treat your hemorrhoid’s anywhere”. The comic and bold approach aims to raise brand awareness, drive trial and get people talking about hemorrhoids. “– Marie-Hélène Leblanc, Director, VIBRANT Marketing

Hemovel - Full SlacklineIn this campaign VIBRANT is responsible for:
• Ideation and strategy (overall campaign – stunt, digital, PR and media plan)
• Stunt development and deployment
• Campaign creative (stunt and online)
• Video production
• Facebook page development and management
• Website development – NoPrivacyNeeded.com