Jumping All In, CBC Goes Completely Programmatic Buying

Today CBC has announced that it will now make all of its digital display advertising inventory available programmatically.  This makes CBC the first Canadian media publisher to make 100 percent of their display inventory available for purchase through Index Exchange’s header tag technology. CBC’s decision, which applies only to their private marketplace, offers advertisers deep targeting combined with reach and scale.

“At CBC we’re in a fortunate position where we have an incredibly strong audience at scale,” said Jeff MacPherson, Director, Monetization Platforms and Services for CBC. “With Index, we can now offer programmatic media partners visibility over all of our display inventory, increasing efficiency through greater reach in the safety of a private marketplace while still maintaining the guarantee of our direct business.

CBC and Index Exchange launched a partnership in August 2013 and have worked together closely through the Canadian Premium Audience Exchange (CPAX). As CBC looks to distinguish as a large Canadian media publisher this move makes sense for the organization.  For Index, CBC provides a new layer of inventory that is more beneficial for buyers who are seeing more traction on campaigns and stronger KPIs.