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La Presse Cuts Jobs As Part Of Digital Transformation

La PressLast week La Presse announced it was going to stop producing its daily addition of print newspapers, and instead will publish news through its mobile app and a print version would only be available on Saturday’s which should be no surprise to regular readers of Profectio.  Toronto Star also issued a press release indication that as of January 1, 2016 Olive Media would no longer exist as the company is shutting its doors, which again should be no surprise especially if you read this.

Today La Presse announced due to the business shift away from print it will cut staff by 102 permanent and 56 temporary positions, for a total of 158 jobs. According to the company, the positions affected include unionized, non-unionized and management jobs and are from all sectors of the company. After this workforce reduction, La Presse will have 633 permanent employees.

La Presse has been working on their La Presse+ application since 2011 and now reports it is returning to an environment with a single primary platform, in a new business model. After the departures, its permanent workforce will be back to its 2011 level across the organization.