Shopify’s Finkelstein Define’s Corporate Culture

Harley FinkelsteinYesterday the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX) and Highline presented an event called “Canadian Technology Start-up Showcase” which featured a number of startups from across the country. A few of the presenting companies were Wealthsimple, Sensibill, BitLit, Aislebals and Scienscape.

Harley Finkelstein, Chief Platform Officer from Shopify was being interviewed on the stage and gave some interesting insight into corporate culture. Of course there is a lot of buzz around Shopify right now as the company had a very success IPO last week as the company went public and raised $131 million in the process.

Culture is by far one of the most common things that candidates look at when selecting a company to work for, and Harley added, “Culture is the aggregate way people behave when no one is looking.” If you want to e know what your employees are doing behind the scenes, just as UPS and one of its former employees, who puts the P in UPS.  He also added that ratio of happiness to income plateaus at $75,000, where if you pay employees more it won’t necessarily make them happier, and this is why Shopify.

The company has also implemented its own management training program called “Managify,” which is mandatory for any employee who manages more than one person.

We can expect a lot more from Shopify in the coming months, as Harvey also added, “We finished high school, now we are in university.” and the fun is just beginning.