Watercooler: RadiumOne Prepping For Radical Change [Update]

RadiumOneWe’ve been hearing some buzz that San Francisco-based RadiumOne is about to make some big news, the company was first launched in 2009 by Gurbaksh Chahal. You may recall back in January 2014 they made their first Canadian hire as they brought on Steve Gimza to head up the sales efforts. Quite a bit has changed within the programmatic space since then both on the good and bad side which has created a bit of a war between the various programmatic players as they each challenge one another for maketshare.

So what will be next for RadiumOne?  Could it be an acquisition? Or maybe an IPO is in the works?

Correction: Joe Manocchio was the first person to be hired for RadiumOne’s Canadian operations, and came on board in August 2012 as Sales Director – Canada.