Water Cooler: More Job Loses At Yahoo, Cuts Even Hits Canada

We’re hearing that Yahoo cut some jobs yesterday (no specific head count has been announced), unfortunately this isn’t really a surprise to anyone as the Internet player continues to struggle to find its way to the levels of profitably it once had, or perhaps it can never get back to those levels again. Business Insider is also reporting that Yahoo has several confirmed sources painting the same picture, and we are also been told that these cuts have made their way past the Canadian borders and into Montreal specifically. Apparently Yahoo Canada’s editorial team is taking a hit with a few roles having been eliminated.
We reported last month about a few key people at Yahoo Canada’s research team who quit Yahoo for other companies and now with cuts to the editorial team you can’t help but wonder – what is left of Yahoo Canada? While Yahoo did acquire BrightRoll last year, we are told that the Canadian BrightRoll teams actually repots to the US and not Canada.

Anyone have anything to add to the Yahoo Canada saga?