Watercooler: Yahoo Canada Continues To Suffer Turnovers, More Coming


We had a tip come in recently about Yahoo Canada, it seems the company or at least Canadian division continues to suffer from staff turnover – you know the life blood of a company.

Over the years we have written quite a bit about Yahoo Canada’s problems, and it just does not seem to stop. It is truly a shame as they were once a powerful and well respected company.

Back in August 2014 Nick Drew left the company and was never replaced. We have also heard of other employees from their marketing and video team who have also left over the last year.

Over our time of covering Yahoo we have had some of their staff comment about our coverage of the company, such as being called a “rumour monger” (but that person quit), to this story being “negative.”. If people are leaving, you have a problem. If we continue to get tips about people leaving, you have a problem. Maybe it’s time you solve it, I do have a few ideas on what it will take.