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As Yahoo Acquires BrightRoll, Will Bellemare Bounce?

rp_thinking-man.jpegWell its official, Yahoo’s CEO Marissa Mayer updated the Yahoo blog yesterday to reflect the company’s latest acquisition. They acquired video advertising company BrightRoll for $640M in a cash deal, which is a much needed addition to Yahoo’s current offering.

According to reports, Bri‎ghtRoll is profitable and is on track to make more than $100 million this year.  Rumours of the deal first started surfacing mid September to the tune of a $700 million deal.

From a Canadian point of view, any technology addition can only help but you really have to wonder what will now happen to the BrightRoll team located in Canada. To some degree there is going to be a bit of duplication with the sales team – will they need both teams to sell the new BrightRoll/ Yahoo solution?

Let’s take for a moment David ‎Bellemare who is the Managing Director, Platform Solutions at BrightRoll or essentially the guy running Canadian operations. David is an Ex-Yahoo employee, and at one time had so much love for the company he “bleed purple.”  Things “changed” at Yahoo with no leadership in Canada for a while, four CEO’s in span of three years, which lead to mass exodus, including David.  Today is a new day (well kinda) for Yahoo, but has there been enough positive change since that time to make David stay?

Things that make you say hmmm….