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Dear Yahoo Canada, Your Brand Is In Trouble, The Streets Are Noticing

Homer DohOver the years we have written about Yahoo Canada quite a bit and is miss-adventures in being a successful brand, to the point where we have been banned from their events – guess the truth hurts?  At one point they were the largest company on the Internet. Unfortunately, a number of mistakes and five CEO changes in four years had turned the company into a shell of its once powerful self.

Here in Canada during Kerry Munro’s tenure as General Manager of Yahoo Canada they were a strong brand and their revenues were proof. As management changed at Yahoo’s head office, they opted for having a Canadian Country Manager that would work out of their US office and at arms length provide support for Canada. As we said before this is NOT something that any other major brand (AOL, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Twitter) has done so why would it work for Yahoo? (and truth, look at the management roster over the last five years).

That person eventually left to go work for Facebook and a second person took the reigns. He too was based out of their head quarters based in Sunnyvale, and the best part is he is Canadian, he was eventually let go after betting his job on the wrong pony – more truth and simple facts.

During their digital upfront back in 2012 they opted to cancel trips for their US executives who were scheduled to come to Canada, and then opted not to host one the following year.

For the last three years Yahoo Canada has held an event and some presence during the annual Canadian Advertising Week. Something was quite different this year though as a group of ex-Yahoo employees had planned to hold an anti-Yahoo gathering. Now don’t take our word for it, after all five CEOs in four years is common for most companies right? Running the Canadian division of your company out of the United States and no leadership here is what companies such as Facebook, Google, LinkedIn or Twitter do right?

The Streets Are noticing Yahoo Canada , might be time to dump the purple chair, no one really wants to sit in it anymore.

Don’t drop the Olive, I mean ball.

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