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Inbox Marketer Partners With 250ok To Deliver Inbox Placement Rate Monitoring

Inbox MarketerThis week, Inbox Marketer announced a new partnership with email monitoring firm 250ok to review and track Inbox Placement Rates (IPR), via the Inbox Informant tools, on behalf of their digital messaging clients.

“Inbox Marketer strives to continuously improve the digital marketing experience for our clients and by partnering with 250ok our clients will see tangible benefits that improve their bottom line,” says Bob Millar, Vice-President Inbox Marketer. “Having the ability to accurately measure the success of an email campaign based on these tests is essential to trending, modeling, and improving the success of future messaging efforts.”

Monitoring the delivery of email messages prior to or during the delivery of an email campaign is a key tool used by marketers to evaluate and measure the success of their email marketing efforts.