Alyson Schafer Goes Live With Digital Makeover

Parenting expert Alyson Schafer was looking to revamp her digital presence and turned to digital marketing agency Reshift Media to conceptualize, design, develop and launch an entirely reimagined web presence at

Alyson is a best-selling author, speaker and television personality who empowers families by sharing her principles, rules and tools for raising happy and healthy kids.

Looking at her business goals, she required a web presence which reflected her personality and professionalism while also providing her with a platform to effectively share her wealth of parenting knowledge that would be easily discoverable through both search engines and social media.   Reshift worked closely with Alyson and her team to create a completely custom-built site which includes a customized blog to highlight Alyson’s broad array of content; social integration throughout the site to allow for both for content portability out to social networks and ingestion of social content into the site and a unique topics section to aggregate media types under reader areas of interest.


Alyson Schafer Reshift Media


“This was an exciting but also very complicated project,” said Mahmoud Ghali, Reshift Media’s VP of Technology. “Alyson has a wealth of specific content on parenting, so we needed to ensure the setup of the website was extremely search friendly to allow people to find Alyson’s site whenever they were using Google or Bing to find parenting advice.”

The end product exceeded expectations. “I love my new website. Reshift did such a great job,” said Alyson Schafer. “They provided a robust and eloquent solution to my complicated content management needs. They stayed enthusiastic and invested in the project throughout the process. Their knowledge and creativity along with their professionalism and attentive customer service made the entire experience top notch.”