Who Will Head Up Spotify Canada? Short List Has Begun

Captain PicardAs we shared earlier today, Spotify is now live in Canada giving Canadians access to its massive music library of over 20 million songs.  One thing not mentioned in the company’s press release was who will be running Spotify Canada.  Looking at other online music services in Canada, we broke the story about Songza’s first Canadian hire, and their big round of funding which lead to the hiring of Vanessa Thomas as the Managing Director of Songza in Canada.   We also covered the news when Michael Orrbrooke was appointed the General Manager for Rdio in Canada, and then we broke the story about Bryan Bean being hired as the Vice President of Marketing & Strategic Partnerships.

We reached out to the public relations agency handling Spotify here in Canada to ask for clarification on who would be running the Canadian operations and were giving the following answer, “Spotify has an office in Toronto and is currently building out the team.”

There are a few candidates we have on our short list that we think might be candidates for the role, and we’ll see in a few weeks as to who gets picked to sit in the Captain’s chair for Spotify Canada.  Who do you think will take the lead role?