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Empowering Your People To Give an Amazing Customer Experience

Lori FranzeGuest Post: Lori Franze is a multi-faceted marketer. She has worked in direct, CRM, content, social and b2b in her 12 year career.  She currently freelances supporting agencies and other organizations with their account management, strategy and even execution of their various programs and campaigns.   You can connect with Lori on LinkedIn or Twitter.


RogersI think some of you may be shocked to hear that this blog post is about an amazing customer experience I had with …. Rogers! Yes, you read that correctly and I was just as surprised as it happened and had to share it.

I always review my Rogers invoice in great detail. It has several devices and services on the bill so you can imagine how complicated things can get. I noticed a data charge for $100 that I couldn’t find any details on so I called in. I wasn’t happy with the answer I got so I decided to go to the Twitter route since Rogers does a great job with customer service via Twitter.

I messaged them in a DM that I had this charge and couldn’t figure out why. After a couple of exchanges I realized that it was for data on the iPad. Well back in June when the World Cup was on my dad came up to the cottage with us for my birthday and of course there was an important Italy match that couldn’t be missed. He wouldn’t have come if I didn’t promise he’d
be able to watch it on my iPad and could he watch it!? The CBC app was amazing with different camera angles and lots of extras. He watched every game that weekend!

I thanked the representative and told him I figured out why I had the extra charges; that it was from my dad watching the World Cup at the cottage. What did he reply with? He actually replied with “Happy to hear that. I applied a $67.80 credit to help with some of the overages. New balance owing is $362.64. ^map” WOW, really? She/he offered me a credit without me asking? I was floored! So I thanked him again and told him it was my birthday that weekend and I appreciated it. Well she/he shocked me again with “I waived all of the charges for you. Happy belated birthday. New balance owing is 311.79. ^map”

Now I don’t know if this is due to Guy Laurence their new CEO but I love that this representative had the information, tools and the freedom to make a decision to create an amazing experience for me. Obviously by the remaining balance you can tell Rogers does collect a lot from me each month so this $100 credit was just a small fraction but it was such a nice gesture.

I would love to see more companies adopt this philosophy with all employees that interact with customers. After my 2 hour wait on hold with Air Canada to talk to a rep who had no power to waive change fees on flights in December where I had made an honest (but dumb) mistake in booking them.

What companies have you had great experiences with because they trust their employees to do what is right for the customer and the brand?