Rogers & Shaw Media Take On Netflix In New Streaming Service

shomiIt is no secret that Netflix has changed the way we consume movie and television content, they ma not have invented video-on-demand (VOD), but certainly have created a game changing product.  Bell, TELUS, Rogers and Shaw Media  have each taken a crack at their own service, but today two of these telecommunications companies have decided to join forces and fight Netflix together.  We just got the news that Rogers and Shaw Media are launching a new subscription video-on-demand service this fall called shomi.  Not sure where the name came up with, but it means, Sho•mi {show—me} – A request to start a conversation about entertainment. Much like other VOD services, shomi will be available via tablet, mobile, online, Xbox 360 and set top boxes, and it will sell for $8.99 per month.

shomi will give users access to prior seasons of the most popular shows on TV today, past, cult-classic and fan-favourite films, as well as a library of family-friendly kids programming. With exclusive past-season streaming rights to titles – such as Modern Family, Sons of Anarchy, Sleepy Hollow, Shameless, 2 Broke Girls, Vikings, New Girl, 24: Live Another Day, Chicago Fire, The Strain, and American Horror Story – along with first-window premieres, it’s more bang, less blah. shomi combines a team of programming experts with algorithmic technology to help you pick what you actually want to watch – whether it’s finding hidden gems, rediscovering old favourites, or remembering why you fell in love with a title in the first place.

Users up to six profiles per account which has been a huge demand we’ve seen from other video streaming services.  The is a huge revenue opportunity here for Rogers and Shaw Media who both offer Internet access and now will deliver content, but larger opportunity as Rogers has a larger customer base.  However, will it be enough content to up seat the current video-on-demand champion Netfix, “If you can’t beat them, join them.”

It will also be interesting to see how Rogers Media and Shaw Media’s respective sales reps work together to sell the advertising opportunities that the shomi platform will offer, I’m sure those details will be laid out in the coming weeks.