SM2 Mobile Innovation Summit, New York, Sept 3 [Event Listing]

mma-2014-300x250The SM2 Innovation Summit speaker line-up is laser focused on delivering stories from today’s influential brands who will share how mobile is building closer connections to consumers, and how technology is being used to push the boundaries for how people connect, consume content and interact with their devices. SM2 Innovation Summit is set to delight from start to finish.

A hands-on, auditory, sensory and touch experience will bring mobile to life for our attendees throughout the two days. Experts and visionaries will deliver actionable insights and will inspire you with interactive technologies, case studies, and future thinking. With two Experience Rooms focused on the Internet of Things and Innovation, and Cross-Screen and Creative, you will see a mobile showcase of real world applications as well as the mobile marketplace providing access to vendor expertise. Brand marketers will leave with a clear path to mobile success and be inspired to blaze their own trails.

Full event details and registration link can be found in in Profectio’s event listing.