Milk West Reminds Canadians To Drink Milk In Humorous Webseries

Airport SecurityToday, Milk West launched a new campaign aimed at reminding teens that milk and great food pairings are the perfect food choice when chilling out at home. As part of the campaign a webseries called “Snack Time” that introduces teens to a carton of milk named Carlton, his sidekick Chip, a chocolate chip cookie, and a cast of quirky friends who all happen to be snacks that taste great with milk.

The campaign engages youth through their digital and social lives and reminds them that milk is a great addition to snacking at home.

“Teens are a tough segment and finding a natural place to engage with them is challenging. They expect more from marketers than previous generations and spend less time with traditional media,” says Jason Brandes, Market Development Director and Spokesperson for Milk West. “The Snack Time webseries creates a relevant platform for milk to connect with teens on an ongoing basis by serving them fresh, engaging content that they are already seeking.”

The cartoon series will include includes 12 short webisodes that will live on YouTube and Tumblr, and are supported with community cultivation and paid media to optimize social sharing and the organic reach of the content posted. OMD Vancouver is responsible for the media strategy and buying.

This is the first youth specific initiative Milk West has launched since the partnership was created in 2012. The new “Snack Time” campaign is designed to work alongside the sustained Strategic Milk Alliance’s “Milk Every Moment” campaign that aims to increase milk consumption amongst adults.

Agency Behind “Snack Time” Campaign:


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