The Programmatic Problem Is Here…

Bid AskWhile attending IAB Canada’s Programmatic day back in May, one question I had asked a number of attendees (which were mainly vendors) was “What makes one programmatic supplier stand out from another?”  After a handful of answers, I still walked away with the same feeling – the majority of vendors sound the same, and no one is “trying” to stand out.

Answers ranged from… “We have all publishers signed up,” to “We have the best inventory,” and of course, “We only have premium inventory.”  Some felt that the onus to determine the best solution is up to the client once they’ve conducted a test to see the results.  While this true, it will not always be easy as time is a commodity, and can not always to utilized to do testing of everyone’s solution within the marketplace.

Why is there no Consumers Reports type offering in the market, a third pary group or method to conduct the testing on behalf of the consumer and industry as a whole. In the past we have seen some groups in Canada try to offer competitions, but when you understand the politics of what went on behind the scenes, can you really give credit to the company who walked away with the belt?  No matter what lab produced the results.