Top Canadian Ad & Marketing Stories For Week Ending June 6, 2014

Top StoriesIt is time for Cannes and the World Cup as brands all across the world are jumping into the game trying to get a piece of the action with new apps and content partnership deals. Facebook failed in its attempt to acquire Snapchat for $3B last year, but last week the social network “accidentally” launched its competitive product Slingshot then quickly pulled it from the app store.  Instagram (owned by Facebook) announced it will introduce ads into users photo feeds later this year.  There have been a number of senior management shakeups at Twitter’s HQ, which many are blaming on the social network’s lack of ability to figure what it really is in the grand scheme of the Internet.

Twitter signed a partnership with The Weather Company that aims to offer targeted ads based on the weather condition, probably not news that The Weather Network wants to hear – your move.

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Looking at our stats from last week, here are the most popular stories that you read about the Canadian advertising & marketing industry (or digital) on Profectio for the week ending June 6, 2014…

  1. Breaking: AcuityAds Hires Raymond Reid To Lead New Division
  2. What If Casale Media And eyeReturn Marketing Merged?
  3. Bensimon Byrne Celebrates 20 Years In Style #BBXX [Pics]
  4. Demarco Tapped As Director of Sales At Microsoft Advertising Canada
  5. Up, Up, And Away As Online Ad Revenues Surpasses TV In Canada [Report]

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