Is The Party Over For Olive Media?

rp_olive-media.jpeg‎As we mentioned last week, Olive Media was in fact going to be hosting their annual summer party. There was a time when this was the event of the year for the Canadian digital advertising industry, it was the party that hosted the who’s who of the industry. It would have upwards of 800 attending and another 1,000 on the wait list. Here are some photos we’ve taken over the years, Olive Media 2013 pictures and Olive Media 2011 pictures.

Over the years more and more competition has entered the marketplace and Olive Media no longer found itself as the top dog. Unfortunately one of the first signs of the change is when talent leaves as we’ve covered here, here, here. Despite the threats we have received of “consequences,” no one ca dispute that when talent leaves consistently, there just might be a problem with your organization and something might in fact be broken.

Their annual party was held last week, it wasn’t up to the gold standard the industry has come to expect and know from Olive Media, instead they opted for a much smaller type of event with limited guest list. We can only hope they take a moment to stop the bleeding and make that much needed shift as we once very predicted.  We all need to adjust and change our business model over time, innovate or fail.