Up, Up, And Away As Online Ad Revenues Surpasses TV In Canada [Report]

rp_bank.jpegThe nah sayers said it would never happen, but you did it! History has been made and for the first time, online advertising revenue has surpassed that of television advertising revenue in Canada.  This new data is part of PWC’s Global and Entertainment Media Outlook report which went on to indicate that Internet advertising brought in $3.8 billion, compared to the $3.6 billion in television. Chances are its only going to get bigger as the years pass, especially when we add in video advertising revenues which grew by 47.7% in 2013, while paid searches added $1.5 billion to the overall total.

The report predicts that by 2018, online advertising revenues will grow to $7.2 billion, which if you are doing the math is about double that of the projected $4.1 billion expected from television.

Now get up and celebrate… (then get back to work and double this bad boy for next year!)