Ad Club Honors Peter Vaz With Lifetime Achievement Award

Peter VazThere are a few people who with the mention of their name create a sense of admiration and respect in our minds.  Last week the Ad Club took time to honour one such person as Peter Vaz was awarded a Lifetime Achievement Award, which goes to individuals for their contributions to the Canadian advertising industry.  He should not need any introduction to readers of Profectio, but let’s take a look at his career thus far.  Peter is currently the Vice President Director at MacLaren McCann Universal Digital.  Prior to that he was General Manager, MacLaren McCann Universal Communications; Manager, MacLaren McCann Universal Communications and Media Planner at MacLaren McCann Universal Communications.

He has had an amazing career so far, and based on the packed room that gave a standing ovation, he has touched the lives and careers of many people in the advertising industry.

Last year’s recipient of the Ad Club Lifetime Achievement Award was Simon Jennings.