The Countdown Begins For The 2015 Golf & Golf GTI, Volkswagen Canada Puts The Power In Your Hands

Golf GTI 2015As they get ready to unveil their new 2015 Golf & Golf GTI, Volkswagen Canada rolls out its latest campaign and this time they put the power in the hand of the consumer.  Volkswagen Canada wants you to share in their excitement as they launch the 2015 Golf and Golf GTI with the ultimate test of patience and nerves with COUNTDOWN TO A GOLF – where you have the power to decide how much you’ll let the price count down before locking in a brand new Golf or Golf GTI!

Canadians can visit where you’ll see the price of the All-New 2015 Golf and Golf GTI count down every second, up to $1,000 per day. As you watch the price decrease, all you have to do is jump in, reserve it and a new 2015 Golf could be yours.
If someone beats you to it, there’s still good news! 60 seconds after a discount is reserved, the Countdown will start again on another All-New 2015 Golf.  The campaign runs from now until June 24th, 2014 for the first time in car history, Volkswagen Canada is putting consumers in the driver’s seat by allowing them to set the price on their All-New Golf or Golf GTI.