One On One With Chris Patheiger, TC Media’s Programmatic Marketplace

Christopher PatheigerBack in May 2012, TC Media made a majority stake of Redux Media, unlike many other acquisitions TC Media has continued to evolve the product and invest in the talent around its business solution. Yesterday, TC Media announced the launch of its Canadian Programmatic Marketplace. We took some time to talk with Christopher Patheiger, Vice President of Marketing & Communications, Partner at Redux Media about the new offering and what it means to TC Media.

Profectio: What is programmatic buying?

CP – To keep it simple, programmatic buying is the buying and selling of media using computers to handle the transactions

Profectio – Why did TC Media launch its own Programmatic Marketplace?

 CP – We felt we needed to develop our own solution to programmatic buying in Canada.  Our current network (Redux) is focused on a broader reacher with 1000+ sites with a focus on Canada and the Unites States.  TC Media’s Programmatic Marketplace gives access to only Canadian premium sites, ones that are owned and operated by TC Media, but also ones that we exclusively represent.  It a solution to a problem that both advertisers and we (internally) noticed.

Profectio – Why not join one of the existing marketplaces such as CPAX?

CP – Launching our own solution made sense because we have have owned and operated sites; have exclusives ad representation deals with other properties.  Joining another network didn’t fit with us as we felt that TC Media made a significant investment in Redux Media, and part of the strategy is to keep things in house. Everyone wins!

Profectio – How are you different?

CP – Part of what make us different is our content, we are home to many sites such as,,,, and, and we also have a number of exclusive relationships.  As well, the in-house expertise between the Redux media and TC Media teams surpass many companies in the market.  Redux has been at the forefront of programmatic buying since 2005.  We are truly transparent, you know every property that you are buying on, in the industry there is a need for good clean – quality programmatic buying; but also offer our clients scale and reach.

Profectio – Over the last two years, there has been a lot of movement with TC Media such as the majority stake in Redux Media – How is that going by the way?

CP – “Its a marriage made in heaven by for everyone.”  The marriage is the baby of the programmatic buying market place, it ties the best of both words and gives advertisers reach and content.  Since the purchase we haven’t lost a person, more and more of our Redux staff are becoming integrated with the TC Media staff.

Profectio – Over the last 3 months, there has been a lot of senior appointment sat TC Media – are you preparing for a war?

CP – (Laugh) You’d have to ask Patrick that question.

Profectio – What’s next?

CP – For us the goal is to build and add more inventory through our own content, and by bringing on programmatic publishing partners.