Egg Farmers Of Canada Shows The “Natural Goodness” Of Canadian Eggs

EFC Natural Goodness imageComing off the 2014 Easter season, the Egg Farmers of Canada recently launched its new “Natural Goodness” of Canadian eggs campaign.  It focuses on eggs as an unchanging natural part of our diet, a nutritious source of protein that can be trusted by Canadians as a wholesome, classic source of energy and key nutrients.

The campaign was developed by Cossette in English and French and launches on TV, in print, online and in-store, all including the tagline: Natural Goodness. The centrepiece of the campaign is a new 30-second TV spot that features second generation egg farmer, Laurent Souligny, and his family. In the spot, Souligny outlines his family’s farming history and explains how eggs have always been a natural source of protein and nutrients.

EFC’s Natural Goodness campaign launches on TV and online in April. Print and in-store will roll-out later this year.