Céline Dion Says, “Bullying: I say NO!” In New PSA And Toolkit From The Fondation Jasmin Roy

Today, The Fondation Jasmin Roy has unveiled “Toolkit for Schools to Address Bullying”, a two-part toolkit to help schools across Quebec reduce and prevent bullying and violence.  With Quebec’s Bill 56, which took into effect in June 2012, the Fondation Jasmin Roy entrusted author Camil Sanfaçon, the responsibility of designing a comprehensive toolkit based on the most recent and most pertinent information regarding violence and bullying prevention and intervention.  The toolkit also offers guidance on the training of school personnel, the building of partnerships with parents and the adaptation of school codes of conduct.


Ometz and David-Roger Gagnon contributed to the second phase of this venture, with their extensive psychosocial expertise in the Anglophone school community.  This portion of the toolkit contains six manuals produced specifically for students, for teachers, for schools, for administrators, for families and for school professionals.  It provides a repertoire of practical tools, such as questionnaires for students, parents and professionals, incident reports, a protocol for intervention, a list of resources, and scenarios for meetings with bullied students, bullies or witnesses.  In addition, there is a section geared towards parents of students involved, directly or indirectly, in a situation of bullying or violence.