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TVO Rolls Out New Digital Series For Kids

TVO launched its latest digital initiative today, and interstitial series Story Explorers and companion website,, and is designed as a series includes 26 two-minute episodes featuring short stories created, designed and told by Ontario kids.   From flying machines to hidden treasure, the episodes inspire kids to go online to the Story Explorers companion website to create their own tales while learning how to improve their reading and writing skills.


“In this interactive multiplatform series, TVO encourages kids to let their imaginations soar through storytelling while providing them with the tools they need to learn about story structure,” says Patricia Ellingson, TVO’s Creative Head of Children’s and Parents’ Media. “Story Explorers demonstrates TVO’s commitment to using digital media to improve kids’ literacy skills so that they can be successful in school and in life.”

Each episode of the Story Explorers series is a creative and entertaining story written and told exclusively by kids. The stories are narrated by the child author and animated using pictures created by illustrator Kean Soo as well as the kids’ own drawings.