Capital One Canada Taps Martin Short For Latest National Marketing Campaign

Bachelor_NewsCapital One Canada launched a new national marketing campaign that focuses on what Canadians want out of their travel rewards card: No hassle redemption. As Canadians continue to re-evaluate their travel rewards card options, this major marketing initiative features Canadian celebrity and comedian Martin Short and showcases the Aspire Travel Word MasterCard as a solution to common redemption woes.

Notorious for playing multiple comedic roles on screen, the first of two TV commercials featuring Martin Short is a parody using Canada’s national pastime — hockey, with Short playing the role of frustrated sportscaster, referee and goalie. Attempting to book flights using their credit card travel reward miles, these characters become frustrated when they can’t get on the flight they want – a problem, that in reality, many Canadian face when trying to redeem their own travel reward miles.

With the recent upheaval in the travel rewards credit card market, Canadians have expressed their frustrations with limited seat availability, hidden taxes, blackout dates, miles that expire, and higher redemption rates for popular travel times. The Aspire Travel World MasterCard allows consumers to earn double miles that they can actually use. They can fly any airline, any time, with no hidden fees or restrictions.

The new TV commercials, which will run through 2014, are part of broader marketing strategy that includes print, digital, and billboard advertising.

Advertising Agency: Taxi 2

Media: Jungle Media