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Who Are Canada’s Top Female Founders? [Update]


2nd Update:

3rd Update:

4th Update:

If you’ve ever launched a startup then Paul Graham is a name that you will probably recognize, and for anyone else he is the Founder of Y Combinator, a US based incubator (which has also helped a few Canadian companies get their start).  An interview he did with The Information recently has created quite a bit of controversy and discussion regarding comments he made about the lack of female founders and his reasons as to why that is. If you don’t have a subscription to the publication Valley Wag has posted the most relevant quotes from the interview.

Looking back at the last decade we have had many successful female entrepreneurs across Canada and as we get ready to move into 2014 one question being asked around our office is – Who Are The Next Canadian Female Founders?

We’d love to hear who comes to your mind as a female founder who’s started a Canadian-based company within the last 2 years, maybe these two videos might trigger some names while you think…

“DJ don’t be scared to run this/I’m repping for the girls who taking over the world.” – Beyonce