Mayor Rob Ford & Brother Look To Take A Crack At Their Own Interview Video Show

Dumb And DumberWe’re not sure who they are, but apparently there is a “Ford Nation,” a number of fans of Toronto’s Mayor Rob Ford who are still supporting him after the last few months of his very public statements and outlandish behaviour which has resulted in making a mockery of the Canadian political system.  He’s admitted to smoking crack, most of his power as Mayor of Canada’s largest city has been stripped by city council, yet he says he will not step down.  As a matter of fact, Rob Ford has already stared his campaign for re-election.

Rob Ford and his brother Councillor Doug Ford host a weekly radio show and have stated the show helps to “get their message out and not have a message be twisted by the media.”  Now the duo plan to launch a weekly video show on YouTube, which is ironic as just last week their weekly TV show that debuted on Sun News Network was canceled after a single episode was aired.  According to Sun executives, the Ford Nation was the highest rated programme ever on the two-year-old cable channel, but said it was too costly to produce it. The mayor used much of the pre-recorded show to defend himself and talk about his re-election bid next year. Doug Ford said the new, self-funded online series, also to be called Ford Nation, and will air before the end of the year – Merry Christmas?

So moral of the story, if you want a “crack” into the web video show world, anything is possible?