Joe Strolz Named Country Manager For AOL Canada

Joe StrolzIt is official, Joe Strolz has been named AOL Canada’s next Country Manager as he succeeds Graham Moysey who was recently promoted to SVP & Head of International of AOL.  Joe will report directly to Graham Moysey as part of AOL International and will take on leadership of the Canadian office’s senior team, which includes Dana Toering, Head of Sales & Business Development, Brad Cressman, Head of Content, Leanne Gibson, Head of Operations.

Prior to joining AOL, Joe was Vice President, Microsoft Advertising. His other past roles include Vice President, Digital Sales & Operations at CanWest; Director, Sales & Business Development at Sympatico/ MSN; Director, Strategic Alliances at Sympatico/ MSN; Associate Director Bell Canada (Enterprise).

This now represents the third time that Graham and Joe will be working together.