"Purity Is Priceless" As Jamieson Rolls Out Omega RED

Jameison Omega RedThis week supplement and vitamin manufacturer Jamieson is introducing its latest product to the market OmegaRED, and has turned to advertising agency Cundari for its launch campaign.
Building on the success of the Purity is Priceless brand platform launched in 2011 and then leveraged again in 2012 for Jamieson’s cold and flu products, this year the story of purity is taken to a new level that demonstrates the purity of the Antarctic waters where the key active ingredient is sourced.

“We are launching a revolutionary new line of premium omega-3 products and needed to work with the brand equity established in our previous campaigns,” said Jeff Dack, Director of Marketing Communications, Jamieson Laboratories. “I think we accomplished this while reinforcing the fact that we have something new and special.”

The revolutionary sub-brand includes OmegaRED Super Krill and OmegaREDTM 100% Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil, while the spot communicates Jamieson’s point of difference in the category (purity) while emphasizing the benefits of the sub-brand’s hero product. The TV ads will run from mid Sept until early December (shown above).

Campaign: Purity is Priceless

Agency: Cundari