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Olive Media Taps Casale Index Platform For Better Programmatic Buying Solutions

Today, Olive Media announced that they have selected Casale Media’s Index Platform as its real-time bidding technology platform for the Olive Private Exchange. Index allows Olive Media to offer buyers greater flexibility by tailoring its service to specific advertiser needs with Deal ID, a feature of Index Platform which acts as an automated insertion order that layers campaign attributes into a programmatic buy.

“Buyers have become increasingly sophisticated in the programmatic space. They understand the importance of inventory segmentation to ensure the brand safety and performance of their campaign. Many buyers recognize that premium inventory provides them with better conversion and greater visibility into the quality and brand safety of the placements they buy in addition to protection against fraudulent activity,” explained Ray Philipose, Vice-president of Performance Media at Olive Media. “Olive Media is dedicated to promoting brand safety across our entire suite of products and we are pleased to be working with Casale who shares this commitment to quality and performance.”page1image15544 page1image15704 page1image15864 Bidding

“The programmatic space suffers from an absence of transparency, which can result in clients’ ads running on inventory that they would never deliberately choose, and might, in fact, actively avoid,” explained Alexandre Henault, Managing Director at Canadian trading desk Magnet Intell. “With the Olive Private Exchange, we can help maximize our clients’ performance without compromising their brand safety.”

“Advertisers not only want access to high value audiences through programmatic means, but increasingly want to reach those audiences in a quality environment that offers them brand safety and strong performance,” said Andrew Casale, VP of Strategy at Casale Media. “We share a philosophical alignment with Olive on the importance of these attributes, and so we are thrilled to be working together to offer the Canadian market access the kind of high performing, premium inventory they are looking for. ”

If you recall, since March 2011 one of Olive Media’s key RTB partners has been AppNexus, according to Ray, Olive Media will continue to work with AppNexus, however “through our Private Exchange with Casale we’ll be able to better customize inventory to a buyer’s needs. ”

The Olive Private Exchange offers programmatic buyers an exclusive selection of premium inventory reaching 65% of the Canadian internet audience on reputable publisher sites. Advertisers looking to buy from the Olive Private Exchange can contact Karen Wang, Director of Sales at Olive Media.