AOL Canada Rolls Out

Over the last few months AOL Canada has been launched a number of niche-based media sites such as here, here and here.  Their most recently product is which is a “parenting site offering an honest perspective for parents with content ranging from pregnancy through to parenting teens.”  Taking a quick peak at, the site offers advice, news, reviews and original content on topics that matter most to Canadian parents.

Premium content on the site led by editor, Kristy Woudstra, along with expert advice from Schafer, featured stories at launch include:

As they prepared for the launch, commissioned a survey to get a unique perspective on the current state of parenting in Canada. Key highlights from the study include:

  • What worries parents most? 31 per cent of parents surveyed indicated school bullying as their primary parenting concern.
  • What do parents miss most about life before children? Romance/sex ranked highest for surveyed dads (31 per cent), while moms missed sleeping-in most (33 per cent), with sex coming in sixth (17 per cent), after money (23 per cent), good body/staying fit (22 per cent), not being interrupted (20 per cent) and beautiful/tidy home (18 per cent).
  • Are parents finding time for themselves? Of the 507 parents polled, 72 per cent of parents indicated that they had two nights or less to unwind in the past month.