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Newad Rolls Out, Fashion Advice For Men

Newad has just announced the launch of a new French online destination for men called, the new site targets men between 18 and 35 and will provide fashion advice., (or “barbershop”) stands as the new forum where urban, web-savvy, open-minded guys can discuss fashion and trends. As a barber knows all there is to know about current trends, this special adviser is well versed on what looks good and where to go, after all “only he knows”. Clothing, nightlife, culture and entertainment are all part of the conversations he specifically holds with the Young and Affluent. The site is headed by Julien Poissant, editor with of experience as a fashion blogger, having worked on Ton Petit Look. Ton Barbier also leverages a team of many barbers/collaborators whose sense of style and novelty will attract even the hairless. The perfect gentleman can hesitate no longer; he may now access, the ultimate go-to address.

Ton Barbier

“With Ton Barbier, Newad launches a new specialty site, one that falls within the scope of its long-term vision. In our opinion, this type of medium is the perfect way to stimulate our growth and that of our advertisers as it hits an exploding segment within the Young and Affluent market”, emphasizes Martine Desjardins, Executive Vice-President, Publishing and Content, at Newad. was designed to increase the click rate with the help of a unique advertising positioning that places the ad within the reader’s focal point.  Newad adds that almost 20% of the traffic now comes from mobile devices, Ton Barbier is obviously optimized to provide superior performance on all platforms, from tablets to mobile phones.

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Call for entries to Agencies, Publishers & Vendors - Fastest Growing Awards now OPEN