The MINI Roller Coaster Hits The Streets Of Downtown Toronto

MINI_Roller_Coaster_6As distinctive as the car it self, MINI has rolled out its latest campaign with the help of Anomaly, its agency of record (AOR).  Picking up from the campaign they launched back in May called “NOT NORMAL,” which was aimed to help reinforce MINI’s unique and “only MINI can do” attitude.   This time MINI Canada and Anomaly took directly to the streets of downtown Toronto. Through vigorous planning and with the help of Toronto-based production company Asymetric, three MINI Cooper S models were completely retrofitted to create a MINI Roller Coaster. The fabrication included the removal of the rear seats and parts of the roof, welding on new roller coaster frames, external speakers, custom roller coaster carts, bright and ambient LEDs, custom paint/decals, and wind blowers, which really showcased the hair-raising experience of driving a MINI even while stopped at traffic lights. With all the structural changes to the car, performance tests to ensure safety were conducted at the MINI Test Facility in collaboration with stunt driver coordinator Philippe Létourneau.


Once the MINI Roller Coaster was street ready, 3 professional drivers ripped through downtown Toronto with 2 riders on each car screaming at the top of their lungs. In addition to the ear piercing screams, a custom music track created by Didier Tovel from SNDWRX blasted through the exterior speaker system. The reaction? Torontonians laughing, smiling, and whipping out their phones and cameras to capture true excitement and the NOT NORMAL execution.