Etsy Brings Its Direct Checkout (Direct Payment) Program To Canada

Etsy Direct CheckoutWith their new Country Manager for Canada in place, we should be seeing a number of new initiatives coming from the online marketplace for independent creative businesses in the coming months.  This week the company announced the availability of its international Direct Checkout in Canada and to its global marketplace. Direct Checkout, also known as “direct payments”, is a payment method that Canadian Etsy sellers can add to their shops to offer more checkout options for buyers. Direct Checkout has been available to buyers and sellers in the U.S., and Etsy has processed more than $500 million on behalf of its sellers. To date, the site has used PayPal as a third party source to process payments.

This is a key more in Etsy’s evolution as it will allow the company to offer a more complete solutions, and specifically Canadian buyers will now be able to purchase entirely in Canadian currency and sellers will be able to list items in whichever currency they wish and still receive their funds in their local currency, directly to their bank account. Both buyers and sellers will have a local and simplified experience.Direct Checkout allows buyers from different countries to pay for items using a credit card, debit card or Etsy Gift Card, without being directed away from the site. Beyond this, buyers will now be able to use their Etsy Gift Cards in any shop that accepts Direct Checkout. Sellers in these markets can benefit from the $3.9 million in gift cards which have been issued over the last 10 months to both new and returning Etsy buyers.