Capital C Helps Toshiba Canada Get Back To School Season

Back to school season is upon us and Toshiba Canada has launched their latest campaign with the help of Toronto-based Capital C.  The new campaign consists of 3 videos (see below), display ads and a Facebook contest, the campaign is aimed at young adults that are outfitting themselves for the upcoming year. The videos show the capabilities of Toshiba products and how they make campus life easier. In one commercial, for example, it shows how Toshiba’s All-in-One desktop with gesture control can come to the rescue when you’ve been plastic wrapped to your bed in a dorm room filled with live chickens.Toshiba Back To School

“We wanted to showcase the innovative features of Toshiba products in a way that would really resonate with our audience,” says Sherry Lyons, VP Corporate and Marketing Communications at Toshiba of Canada Limited. “Humour is great way to educate and entertain viewers at the same time.”

Another video finds two students checking out their new dorm room CSI-style with a USB-powered black light – promoting the Toshiba Satellite P-series laptop’s ability to power and charge USB devices even when the laptop is closed.

The final commercial shows how the Toshiba Excite Write tablet has the ability to convert handwriting and drawings into notes you can save and share when one student inadvertently sends his roommate a sketch of him posing heroically as a muscular centaur.
“Chicken Prank” –
“Black Light” –
“Math Notes” –

“We really tried to capture insights about life on campus. Like how disgusting a dorm could actually be or how well do you really know the guy you’re rooming with,” comments Gary Watson, Executive Creative Director, Capital C. “We focused on the product itself and built storylines around those features. It just so happened that they inspired some fun thinking.”

The videos were directed by Aleysa Young of Untitled Films and edited by Marco Pazzano of Panic & Bob, both who were chosen for their experience working on youth-oriented brands with a comedic slant.

Complementing the online videos is a Facebook contest where people can not only win the Toshiba products featured in the videos but gag gifts inspired by the campaign. “We really wanted to make sure the social initiative felt like it was coming from the same place, with the same sensibility,” adds Gary Watson. “So, not only can you win the products in the ads, you can also win a USB-powered black light and rubber chickens.”