"Game On!" As Mattel Canada Searches Your Favourite Mattel Game

Mattel Game OnMattel Canada kicked off its latest campaign today with the help of full-service marketing agency, TrojanOne, to promote Mattel Game On! game offerings. The campaign aims to entice consumers to find which Mattel game is the best fit for them. The campaign is digitally focused and includes the launch of a Game On! Facebook Page, a Facebook App (Gameology), a YouTube commercial and a new mobile-optimized microsite (www.mattelgameon.ca).

The digital marketing campaign is centered on finding the best Mattel game to fit your life. To reach consumers online, TrojanOne filmed and produced a YouTube spot entitled “UNO Dice – On a Roll.” The video follows a man on his journey of mishaps and self-discovery to find which game best fits his personal style. The video will be promoted through Mattel’s owned media including the mobile optimized Game On! micro-site, Mattel YouTube channel and Game On! social channels. Additionally, Mattel invested in an ad spend on YouTube to promote the 15 and 30-second versions of the video. To view the commercial visit:

“The idea that each game player is unique in the way they compete is integrated throughout the Mattel Game On! program.” said Bethany Marcus, Brand Manager, Mattel Canada Inc. “Some players prefer games of chance to games of strategy and some love the hilarity and fun of our classic big box games like Apples to Apples and Balderdash. The Gameology App extends the notion that every player has a type of game that fits their personality best.”

Extending the theme of “Finding your Game,” Mattel launched the Gameology App on Facebook. Gameology is based off the idea that like astrology, each player has their own unique Gameology sign which dictates the type of games they prefer and how they play games. Once a user “likes” the App it will scan their profile researching “liked pages,” interests and photos. Once this phase is complete the user has to answer a series of challenge questions related to games, their moral compass and hypothetical life or death survival situations.