Polar Lauches MediaVoice, Native Advertising Platform

PolarPolar Mobile, now they just refer to themselves as Polar has been pretty quiet since launching their MediaEverywhere product in January and securing an additional $6 million funding. Since that time brands continue to explore new ways of advertising to consumers, and this is one of the reasons why advertising budgets continue to grow.  Facebook offers their product, and Twitter offer Promoted Tweets. Over the last two years we’ve also seen a shift towards native advertising, this is where advertisers look to engage audiences with quality content, while keeping the user experience high, in some ways similar to an advertorial.

“Digital monetization is our industry’s top challenge, with mobile now representing over 40% of digital traffic — however less than 5% of digital revenue,” said Polar’s Chief Executive Officer, Kunal Gupta. “Consumers are not engaging with display and mobile advertising today, and as a result marketers are not allocating budgets towards mobile. We think the banner is dead and are working to ensure that native advertising becomes a critical part of any company’s marketing mix with our MediaVoice platform.”

As of time of launch, Polar has already signed The Globe and Mail, Toronto Star, Financial Post, St. Joseph Media, Fight Network, Blue Ant Media as customers.  Last year the company launched their own ad network which didn’t seem to have as much pick up as expected.