SiteScout Launches API to Make RTB Accessible to Developers and Entrepreneurs

SiteScoutSiteScout, a self-serve media buying platform, launched a complete application program interface (API) for real-time bidding (RTB) this week. With the new SiteScout API developers and can leverage SiteScout’s global RTB infrastructure in building their own applications and programs. It offers programmatic access to reporting, audience management and campaign management.

“SiteScout has always been about empowering marketers, agencies and advertisers, with an accessible programmatic ad buying platform,” said Paul Mokbel, CEO of SiteScout. “Our customers were asking us if they could build apps on top of our RTB platform, such as niche-specific DSPs targeting specific market segments. This is why we launched this API: to give them the right tools to create their own RTB-powered ad products. In doing so, we’re creating a richer marketing ecosystem and democratizing RTB infrastructure by making it available to developers and businesses of all sizes around the world.”

The API uses REST (representational state transfer) to enable programmatic access into the SiteScout RTB infrastructure.