3 Things We Can Expect From Patrick "The Builder" Lauzon, Now That He Is At TC Media

Today is Patrick Lauzon’s first day as Senior Vice President, Interactive Marketing Solutions at TC Media.  We broke the story a few weeks ago that he announced his departure from Mediative.  As he settles into the new role we thought it would be interesting to make a few predictions as to what the industry can expect from him.

Looking at his track record, he’s the guy who comes in and builds a brand’s digital business and moves on. At Sun Media he did just that, depict some management issues which locked his hands. He then moved on to YPG, and created an entire division called Mediative, which is the collection of four businesses.

The Builder – a few Canadian organizations can thank Patrick for his dedication to the digital sector as he has gotten down in the trenches with his screwdriver and sometimes hammer to help create the digital infrastructure, which in turn drove revenues as a majority of Canadians embrace digital platforms.Construction

Incubator – Patrick has a passion for the Canadian startup community and the mastermind behind the collective of 4 startups which later became Mediative. Before he officially joined TC Media you can see part of his new plan unfolding.

Piped Piper – it isn’t just a fable, Patrick is one of those people who others enjoy and want to work for, multiple sources have confirmed this over the years. There are a few people who’ve done this in the past at more than one job, will TC Media be their next home as well? Chances are there are a few Mediative staff who enjoyed being part of his team that will eventually follow once he’s hand a chance to hang his name on his new office door.