Survey Says: 38% Of Canadians May Buy Your Product If Offered Via Smartphone

SAS/Leger survey concluded a survey that looks at Canadians shoppings habits and their ability to be loyal via various channels such as smartphones.  Canadians say they would buy more if presented with promotional offers on their smartphone while out shopping. When asked what they would do if they received a promotion on their smartphone that applied to either the item they were buying or a complementary product, 38 per cent of Canadians said they would buy both items. In addition, 58 per cent said they’d be interested in receiving personalized promotions from nearby stores while out shopping. These are just a few of the findings of a  of Canadian smartphone owners conducted this spring.

“When you couple the power of the smartphone, with really smart analytics, retailers have an opportunity to forge some really strong customer relationships, and elevate their marketing to new levels,” said Lori Bieda, Executive Lead for Customer Intelligence, SAS Americas. “Retailers who recognize the power of customer information and analytics and use it to deliver location-smart personalized offers to consumers, when and how customers want them, will win the lion share of the shopping basket.”

ShoppingPersonalized promotions can also help improve customer loyalty. Forty-seven per cent of smartphone owners said they would be more likely to return to a store that sent them personalized promotions to their phone while they were out shopping. The under 55 crowd said they are more likely to return to the store: 50 per cent, versus 29 per cent for those 55+.

Overall women appear to be a few steps ahead of men when it comes to taking advantage of mobile marketing opportunities. Women were more likely to say they would return to a store that offered them smartphone-based, localized promotions (51 per cent versus 43 per cent of men). They were also more likely to cash in on smartphone based in-store deals, with 44 per cent (versus 31 per cent of men) saying they would buy multiple items when presented with relevant promotions.

With such a high adoption rate of smartphones across Canada, it should come as no surprise that eighty-two per cent of survey respondents said it would be helpful to be able to get access to detailed product and service information on their phone while in store, suggesting that there is consumer demand for easy access to relevant information while out shopping.

Retailers with both an online and bricks and mortar presence should consider offering purchasing suggestions to their customers while they are in store. Seven in ten surveyed said they find it helpful when retailers make suggestions based on their previous online purchases.

While location-based marketing is still a popular buzz word in the marketing office, it still have a very slow adoption rate across Canadian retailers. Canadians smartphone owners are open to receiving a promotion on their phone while they are looking at a product in a brick and mortar store. Almost half of Canadians say they would be more likely to return to a store that offered such promotions in the future.

Fifty-eight percent of Canadians are interested in receiving promotion and product notices sent to their mobile phones from nearby stores, with Atlantic Canadians being the most interested (69%).  While shopping in a brick and mortar store, if they were presented with a promotion via their mobile phone for a product that complemented what they were looking for, close to 40% of respondents said they would buy both items. This was particularly true for women (44% vs. 31% of men) and those under 55 (41% versus 20% of 55+), as they are most likely to buy both.

Online shopping is a common activity among Canadian smartphone owners, with 89% having bought something online in the past year. While most do not generally click on ads, if the ads have been personalized half regularly click. Seven in ten even find it helpful when retailers provide personalized recommendations based on previous purchases.

SAS Mobile Study

Atlantic Canadian smartphone owners are most interested in receiving promotions and product notices sent to their mobile phones from nearby stores: 69 per cent compared to 57 per cent for the rest of Canada
Two thirds Canadian smartphone owners have bought something using the device, 18-44 year-olds being much more likely than those 55+: 73 per cent versus 41 per cent