FounderFuel, You Failed To Do Your Startups Justice

Homer DohLaunching a startup can be like having a baby.   No, I’m not referring to the physical aspects, but more the emotion and sense of pride.   Here you are with your beautiful baby, do you want to hide your new baby or shout from the rooftops about your excitement?  You might even pass out a “stooge” to celebrate.

This doesn’t seem to be the case with FounderFuel who decided to give an exclusive story to Techcrunch announcing the newest round of startups that took party in their Demo Day.  What if a VC does not read Techcrunch? What if a potential client who has millions to spend does not read it?

Part of the role of an incubator or accelerator is to get the story about the startups who put their faith and trust in their hands out to as many people as possible.   No one media outlet has the entire market share of readers, and there is no shortage of places they could have sent the story to.  Over at the Financial Post is Matt Hartley and Christine Dobby , Techvibes has Rob Lewis and Knowlton Thomas, Globe and Mail has Iain Marlow and Omar El Akkad to name a few folks.

Unfortunately it is’t just with FounderFuel as you have failed to properly help the startups who are part of your program.