Water Cooler: Yahoo Canada On The Hunt For New Country Manager

Magnifying GlassI’ve said it once, I’ve said it a few times – Yahoo Canada needs a Country Manager BASED IN Canada for the company to truly be effective in Canada.  Don’t take my word for it, look at Facebook Canada, Google Canada, LinkedIn Canada, Microsoft Canada, and even Twitter figured out that you need someone based here to run the Canadian operations.

As Marissa Mayer, CEO of Yahoo continues on her shopping spree (Tumbler – $1B, Xobni – +$30M, Qwiki – $50M and a few more for a total of 17 under her leadership) and policy changes (killed working at home, added free lunches) to turn the Internet giant around there seems to be some hope for the future of Yahoo.

The stock has picked up, Don Loeb, one of the biggest shareholders has backed off from his attack.

Here in Canada, Yahoo has been bleeding talent for years (here, here, here, oh and here), something they don’t like that we report on as they continue to turn us away from Yahoo hosted events – ouch! Bottom line Yahoo, if you have 100 desks and we get emails, LinkedIns, messages, or texts of people leaving than you are a ghost town. You have a PR problem, stop crying and fix it!

Lately we have heard some rumous that they are looking for a new country manager for Canada, the previous one, well he didn’t last that long as we expected.

So who’s ready to take the role of Yahoo Canada’s Country Manager? One name we’ve had linked as a possibility is Simon Jennings, who was recently honoured with a lifetime achievement award.  He worked there before heading up sales, and built Olive Media from the ground up so certainly well equiped for the role, but would he take the role if it were offered to him?

Another name that has come up is Patrick Lauzon who left Mediative last week, he is another person who has built and impressive career, and company from scratch through Mediative.

Yahoo, you are a great brand that still commands respect in the market, but work with Canada, and Canada will work with you.